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SabioniDesign produce your company logo before you ask us to, we can keep our prices considerably lower while still ensuring that the quality remains high. What’s more, the process is much quicker when you buy a ready-made company logo for your business, as most of the design work has already been done. As a result, you get your pre-made company logo where you want it, much faster.

1. PAY
This is the price you will pay for your logo, customized with your company name and supplied in the most common and usable formats. You can pay securely, quickly and easily by PayPal.

Searching for a logo is easy. You will get a catalog and you will go through the various pages and look for the logo which is most suitable for your company. Send us an email your choice plus your company name, along with any slogan or tagline.

Your logo will be sent to the e-mail address you have supplied within 6 to 48 hours of placing your order. Your logo will be supplied in the most common formats, which means that you can print it out yourself, give it to your print house or use it on your website.

COLORS. Choose your own colors from the color table or choose one of our recommended combination when you will get our catalog. A majority of logos consist of 2 colors but may be able to incorporate 3 colors depending on the design.

FONTS. For a more modern look, go with our Sans Serif font which gives you a clean, straight line. If a classic look is more your style, then the Serif font is the way to go with its time-honored, elegant shape.

The design process will include 2 revisions
1 › Starting process after the brief
2 › Finalize the final favorite logo

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To start this process you need: