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The Basic Premise
No matter how many pages you choose, the magazettes are strategized to elevate you as the area experts. The Publisher, SabioniDesign, selects you to be the real estate consultant for your area's new style and homes magazine. A letter from the editor introducing you and thanking you for accepting this prestigious position.
This product is perfect for the upper tier, high-end luxury, and for anyone trying to increase the average sale price. Listings are featured more like Architectural Digest than the standard advartising. It sets you up as the expert in real estate in your area, removing you from the selling equation. You appear as a consultant.

- 8 pages, all full color
- 8.5"x11" (preferable size)
- Mails flat

Tons of Agent Exposure!
In addition to your full back-page branding ad, you will also have a monthly column on market trends that SabioniDesign ghost writes for you. You should offer a free brochure for increased response.
Featured Listing
The magazine will also show off your 3-5 key listings on the inside spread. Large, stunning photos and narrative descriptive copy send people to your Web site for more info and/or virtual tours.
A Coffee Table Piece.
Your market trends, your community's name on the cover, local photos of you and your homes are all great reasons why this piece gets noticed in mail boxes. Incredible graphic design and interesting stories tailored to your demographic are reasons why this piece has a long shelf life. Food, wine, travel, art and other stories are chosen specifically for you.

Don't wait for corrections.
When the creative process is done, if you have already an active online account, we will upload for free the layout in our "Virtual Art Director" our easy-to-use, web-based system that allows you to manage online all your graphic layouts and lets you make the changes that you want, when you want.
Our Online System in essence becomes your marketing department. You don't have to worry about learning a complicate design software, paying for all the extra agency fees or hire a full-time staff that you don't need.

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Design's process will include 3 revisions

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