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Virtual Art Director

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Update and manage online all your graphic layouts.

Virtual Art Director is an easy-to-use, web-based system that allows you to manage online all your graphic layouts made from SabioniDesign and lets you make the changes you want, when you want. Change the text and pictures in all of your marketing materials with a simple rollover. There is no need to learn complicated design software or to use an expensive design workstation. Upload and change what you like, when you like. An easy online tool for design.

It's that simple.

Virtual Art Director makes everything easy to manage and speeds up the entire production process. We do the design and the you can handle corrections and updates on your own, online.

How to start:
› By buying Virtual Art Director's annual service your online account will be ready to use almost immediately.
› Log on to the system with your user id and password and you can start to create unlimited new layouts from our template designed for you.
› When the creative process is done, we will upload the layout in our Virtual Art Director account and you can make the changes that you want, when you want.

Our Online System in essence becomes your marketing department. You don't have to worry about learning a complicate design software, paying for all the extra agency fees or hire a full-time staff that you don't need.

"Riccardo of SabioniDesign has created an incredible tool with his Virtual Art Director website! It is here that I can find all my branded templates online with just a few clicks of the mouse. Whether I need a property brochure or mailing post cards, I can go online, insert my property photos and inset some verbiage and whoa, I have a ready to go flyer/post card that can then be sent off to my printing company for development. Even when I'm traveling, I can access my branded stationary, fax cover sheets and more. Thanks Riccardo, you've done it again... making my life easier and more productive so I can concentrate on the business at hand. Keep up the great work!"

Rick Gaviati
Coldwell Banker Southern California